• Image of 'Sock It To Me!' Poetry Book
  • Image of 'Sock It To Me!' Poetry Book
  • Image of 'Sock It To Me!' Poetry Book

Have you ever covered a baby in ketchup?

Have you had to sit on the naughty step?

Have you got a magic bike?

Have you ever swallowed a fly?!

Poet, illustrator and teacher, Kev Payne, has. Join him as he presents a collection of over 50 poems about sausages, school, science, balloons, long car journeys and exactly what teachers are thinking when they are stood up at the front.

“Sock it to me is a laugh-out-loud extravaganza of poetry for children!

Kev Payne has created a book which is funny, exciting and endlessly entertaining. Kids will love the humourous slices of school life (Assembly Shanty), the toe-curlingly embarrassing tales (Wrong Identity) and the delightfully rhythmic rhymes (Can’t Catch Me, Secretly Wild). Teachers and parent too will enjoy the brilliantly playful reflections on education (Apostrophe Catastrophe, On A Mat Up ‘Ere).

All beautifully accompanied by his hilarious illustrations, Kev Payne’s first collection rivals poetry luminaries such as Michael Rosen, Alan Ahlberg and Roald Dahl. Grab your own copy now!”

Dan Metcalf, Author of Codebusters, The Lottie Lipton Adventures, Jamie Jones and Dino Wars.

This book is available as a pre-order and will be shipped August 15th.#

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