World War 3Beebies - A4 print

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World War 3Beebies - A4 print

4 designs featuring 4 icons from classic children's TV shows.

WWII propaganda posters have become iconic. Motivational, instructional and well-illustrated, they are incredible snapshots of the thoughts and fears of a generation surrounded by war. In modern society these posters and styles have become increasingly popular, think 'Keep Calm' as being the most prominent of these.

But what if we were faced with the very real prospect of WWIII right now? For me, it was interesting to think of the impact that social media and television would have on the face of contemporary propaganda. Surely modern propaganda could not fail to feature a whole array of celebrities and cartoon personalities 'doing their bit' for the war effort.

So here are 4 designs featuring classic characters from years gone by.

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